Love Revolution Gospel Choir


Love Revolution often perform at company events, weddings, parties etc.
We have extensive experience in tailoring just the musical kick-off, which gets the audience in the right mood.
We also provide a sound system and our own sound engineer if required. Write us at, or have a chat with our choir director, Kathrina Brunnstrøm on +45 28350013, and we are happy to tailor  the optimal solution for you. 

Watch video with Love Revolution

What an experience at Legeheltene’s charity dinner at Skt. Petri’s Hotel. Love Revolution Gospel Choir were fantastic – great energy, so you wanted to both sing and dance along. The choir was so alive and so was the leadership behind the choir. Thank you for bringing such life-affirming music to our event and thank you for supporting Legeheltene.

Henriette Madsen Secretary-General at Børneulykkesfonden
Legeheltene, Kreaheltene , Helteakademiet