Earlier in May we woke up to a delightful surprise: along with only two other choirs from all of Europe, our choir has been selected to participate in a gigantic gospel competition and event at the Royal Albert Hall in London on October 20, 2024, hosted by the major American gospel organization “HOW SWEET THE SOUND”.

Our Choir leader and conductor, Kathrina Brunnstrøm, states
“It’s not just about how incredibly happy and honored we are to be allowed to perform on an iconic stage where some of the world’s greatest artists have stood. It’s equally important for us that this provides a great opportunity to convey the message of love and the power of community on behalf of the entire Danish gospel world, which is truly exploding these years.”

About How Sweet The Sound
The concept, competition, and concert are hosted by the major American gospel organization “HOW SWEET THE SOUND,” led by Grammy-winning gospel artist Donald Lawrence. The organization has been hosting large gospel concerts and competitions across the USA for several years, and now for the first time in Europe.

Come support us October 20 at for the How Sweet The Sound Finals. Get your tickets here